Caroline Basyn

Caroline Basyn is an experienced Global Business Executive in IT, Shared Services & Digital.
Caroline joined Mondelez in October 2014, as Global Business Services officer. She had previously worked at Bacardi for 3 years, as Group CIO and Company Sponsor of the Women in Leadership program, after a 26 year career at Procter & Gamble in IT & in Global Business Services, with assignments in a Plant and in Digital Marketing. Caroline is a passionate leader, who has loved every single assignment in both P&G, Bacardi and now Mondelez. Caroline is known for her strategic interventions, learning agility, creating a vision, developing organization structure, defining a master plan, and motivating her team & partners to deliver with excellence. The mission Caroline has been driving in her assignments is: “Selling more Profitable Cases through Process, People &Technology innovation”. Caroline has led very large SAP implementations, implemented the digital journey for marketing and sales, innovated with virtual design capability, led very large infrastructure & workplace projects, developed & executed an End to End supply chain digitized strategy, build analytics capabilities for sales, started & ran multifunctional shared service centers and organizations, led multiple merger & acquisitions multifunctional projects across the world. Her passion is in building the business, going after large challenges that need hard work and developing people both professionally & privately. She believes success comes through having clear, common & well understood business goals, great collaboration & relationships, superb and regular communication, a doze of risk taking, creativity and innovation, while always keeping the strong values, she learned from her parents. Caroline is convinced that the digital revolution is only at it's beginning and will become pervasive in all we do, everywhere, in everything at any time.

Caroline is a global citizen, enjoying to work across multiple cultures.

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