Mattias Fras

Passionate about AI and the great potential that it provides in general and to the financial services in particular.

Current focus:
Leading development in AI and surrounding technologies within Nordea Group.

My background as management consultant across industies with focus on CEO/CFO challenges has provided me with experience and skills in areas such as operational strategy and efficency, operating model changes, globalisation & requlatory impacts, organisation alignment, business strategy and change management.

Switched from consulting to line manager to gain new perspectives and experiences. As CFO in a rapidly changing industry (insurance) and corporation (Nordea) I gained experience in transforming business procsesses and aligning organisation with respect to internal and external change factors such as product development, market changes, cost pressure, policies, regulations, etc. Gained expereinces in leding highly specialised people in a business support function as well as driving finance function strategy and operations. As member of a management team I gained exerience from establishing as well as developing corporate strategy.

My most recent job swith in 2015 was done at end of my third paternety leave and meant leaving a line responsibly for a subsidiary company for a group role driving strategic initiatives related to new technology. In this role I have been driving build up of group robotics capability (currently 200+ robots) as well as driving implementation on Nordeas first chatbot and and a number of AI/ML implementations.

Current focus is around scaling up use of AI/ML by getting real use cases implemented and building enterprise operating model and roadmap.

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