Enabling you to select the right use cases for experimentation, implement supporting technology and scale projects at speed

Ever since the financial crisis, FS firms have focused on risk mitigation, cost reduction and efficiency; whilst at the same time remaining competitive and continously optimising the customer experience. In order to achieve these outcomes, they have been exploring various technologies, with Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the centre.  

Many banking, financial services and insurance organisations are already realising the benefits of advanced analytics, enhancing overall business performance by applying technology that optimises decisions and processes. 

The benefits are clear, but with limited availability of good quality and quantity of data, insufficient understanding of AI risks, cultural challenges, resistance to change and a changing regulatory landscape - how will you ensure your projects are successful?

That's why we're bringing together Europe's leading data professionals and AI specialists from across the financial services sector to help you identify the projects with the biggest ROI and share their strategies for building the business case, securing buy-in, implementing data and AI strategy, defining clear metrics to measure performance and scaling projects at speed.

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Why Attend?

By bringing together industry thought leaders from across Europe, attending Advanced Analytics and AI for Financial Services will teach you how to leverage your data and implement AI, Analytics and IA technology to drive business innovation, improve efficiency and meet customer expectations.

Embedding culture and overcoming resistance to change

Increasing revenue, improving efficiency, reducing costs and maximising business performance

Securing buy-in, building the business case and proving ROI

Identifying and selecting the right use cases for experimentation

Scaling successful proofs of concept at speed

Integrating new tools, systems, platforms and applications within IT legacy systems

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