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Exclusive Interview: Creating an AI Strategy and a Culture of Innovation

Ahead of the Advanced Analytics and AI Summit: BFSI 2019, we caught up with industry expert Marijo Volarević, Director for Digital Strategy and Development Sector (Croatia Insurance Company), to talk about how financial services companies can create an AI strategy and a culture of innovation and growth.

Download the interview and find out how the critical areas of business can be transformed using AI and advanced analytics. 

A Complete Guide for 2019 and Beyond: Leveraging AI in Finance and Banking

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how your financial services company can unlock the power of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in 2019 & beyond.

With Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and other technologies emerging in the market, it has become important to understand how to make the best use of these disruptive technologies in order to innovate businesses, drive growth and gain competitive advantage.  One of the key challenges faced by financial services in adopting these technologies has been that companies struggle to understand how to drive growth by leveraging AI and Advanced Analytics. 

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The Future of Finance: How AI Implementation can Transform the Financial Services Sector

Today, AI and machine learning play a key role in many aspects of financial organisations, from the approval of loans to risk assessment and asset management. With input from industry experts, this article discusses the implementation of these tools and how they can be leveraged to differentiate from competitors and provide tangible ROI.

INFOGRAPHIC: Emerging Technology Trends in the Financial Services Industry 2019

Ahead of Advanced Analytics and AI Summit: BFSI (2019), we conducted an industry-wide survey to find out:

  • What is continuing to impact the financial services industry most in 2019?
  • What are the key drivers for Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence strategies?
  • Where different companies are in their digitalisation journey and the type of solutions they are using to bring about that transformation?

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Barclays' Secrets to Create a Risk Aware Culture

Vinita Ramtri, Head of Conduct Risk at Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, reveals how the Bank is developing and embedding its conduct risk aware culture. Vinita addresses the challenges and provides her top tips in managing conduct risk. You will also get a glimpse into two of Barclays’ latest Big Data initiatives, which are helping to assist its customers through new innovative analytics, insights and services.

How Will Big Data Technologies Prevent The Loss of Millions in Financial Fraud?

In 2017, banks and card companies successfully prevented £1.4 billion worth of unauthorised financial fraud, technological innovation in fraud prevention is beginning to realise tangible benefits for the sector.  This article explores the  latest industry insights into the development of big data security technologies in and how these developments can detect and remediate attacks in a complex IT environment. 

Are Financial Services Coping with Big Data?

Possibly as a result of increasingly competitive customer experience efforts in other markets, customers now expect a more personalised service from their banks than ever before, and one with more assurances that they are getting the best deal. The recession has not only made the customer more cautious when it comes to investment – regulators have also taken on a more involved and stringent route approach to oversight. Financial Services are therefore relying more on the benefits of Big Data to help them move forward. But is the market coping? From resourcing to security, there is more than enough to be concerned about...

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this article are those of the individuals cited and do not necessarily reflect those of Barclays, USB, or any other organisation.