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Exclusive Interview: Creating an AI Strategy and a Culture of Innovation

Ahead of the Advanced Analytics and AI Summit: BFSI 2019, we caught up with industry expert Marijo Volarević, Director for Digital Strategy and Development Sector (Croatia Insurance Company), to talk about how financial services companies can create an AI strategy and a culture of innovation and growth.

Download the interview and find out how the critical areas of business can be transformed using AI and advanced analytics. 

Machine Learning: A Practitioner's Guide

Machine learning (ML) is simply a collective term for a number of very different techniques (neural nets, clustering etc.). To use ML effectively you have to know what these techniques are and what they do. You don’t need to understand the detail, any more than you need to know how a battery works to drive a Tesla. What you do need is a good handle on the main types of ML, their strengths and weaknesses.

This presentation, Machine learning: A Practitioner’s Guide provides an understanding of the main types of Machine Learning in non-technical terms, along with their strengths and weaknesses, creating the foundations necessary to use Machine Learning effectively. 

A Complete Guide for 2019 and Beyond: Leveraging AI in Finance and Banking

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how your financial services company can unlock the power of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in 2019 & beyond.

With Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and other technologies emerging in the market, it has become important to understand how to make the best use of these disruptive technologies in order to innovate businesses, drive growth and gain competitive advantage.  One of the key challenges faced by financial services in adopting these technologies has been that companies struggle to understand how to drive growth by leveraging AI and Advanced Analytics. 

Download the guide to find out the answers to these burning questions!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Identifying and Scaling AI Projects At Speed

Ahead of the Advanced Analytics and AI Summit: BFSI, we talked to industry expert, Martin Thorn, Senior Manager, Decisioning Analytics & AI at CYBG. When it comes to deploying technology such as AI, one of the challenges that finance companies face is identifying the right use cases for experimentation and scaling successful proofs of concept at speed. 

Download the complete interview to read his insights on the key factors to consider before starting on an AI project, the stumbling blocks that can come into play as well as ways to overcome these barriers. 

INFOGRAPHIC: Emerging Technology Trends in the Financial Services Industry 2019

Ahead of Advanced Analytics and AI Summit: BFSI (2019), we conducted an industry-wide survey to find out:

  • What is continuing to impact the financial services industry most in 2019?
  • What are the key drivers for Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence strategies?
  • Where different companies are in their digitalisation journey and the type of solutions they are using to bring about that transformation?

Download the infographic to get the full insights!