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Advanced Analytics & AI Summit: BFSI: Latest Agenda

Advanced Analytics & AI Summit: BFSI, taking place on the 25th – 26th June in London, will focus on: 

  • Increasing revenue, improving efficiency, reducing costs and maximizing overall business performance
  • Identifying and selecting the right use cases for experimentation and scaling proofs of concept
  • Integrating new tools, systems, platforms and applications within IT legacy systems
  • Minimising compliance risks by ensuring the completeness, accuracy, and availability of data sources
  • Applying AI technology to improve fraud prevention and detection, enhance customer experience and personalise products and services
  • Developing and setting KPI’s and metrics that will measure the success of IA projects

To find out more about our expert speakers and sessions, download the agenda here>>

2019 Sample Attendee List

Directors and Heads of Analytics, AI, Data, RPA, Digital Transformation and Technology from leading Banking, Financial Services and Insurance companies will be gathering at the Advanced Analytics and AI Summit: BFSI 2019 to discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing AI, Analytics and IA technologies for business transformation.

Attending companies include:



And many more!

Download the 2019 sample attendee list to see a snapshot of who you could meet at Advance Analytics and AI Summit: BFSI!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Identifying and Scaling AI Projects At Speed

Ahead of the Advanced Analytics and AI Summit: BFSI, we talked to industry expert, Martin Thorn, Senior Manager, Decisioning Analytics & AI at CYBG. When it comes to deploying technology such as AI, one of the challenges that finance companies face is identifying the right use cases for experimentation and scaling successful proofs of concept at speed. 

Download the complete interview to read his insights on the key factors to consider before starting on an AI project, the stumbling blocks that can come into play as well as ways to overcome these barriers. 

Survey Report 2018: Big Data Analytics for Financial Services

This exclusive industry survey report includes feedback from over 50 relevant individuals in the financial services industry. It explores the key drivers for developing a data-driven strategies, the need for data-driven development, the industry’s preparedness for the upcoming GDPR and the regulatory and technological changes that are shaping the future of the financial sector.