Thought Leadership

How to optimise data lakes in financial services

Data lakes have emerged as a viable way to pool data and get a more detailed view of everything that is happening across the company. This has opened up many new opportunities for financial services firms. However, the way you design the architecture and implementation of a data lake can have a significant impact on the results. With many organisations running into issues during this process, it is key to identify the root causes. This white paper explores key data lake questions and proposes a number of ways to tackle the implementation challenges. It goes on to further examine different ways you can optimise the data lake to ensure it fulfils its desired function.

The Future of Finance: How AI Implementation can Transform the Financial Services Sector

Today, AI and machine learning play a key role in many aspects of financial organisations, from the approval of loans to risk assessment and asset management. With input from industry experts, this article discusses the implementation of these tools and how they can be leveraged to differentiate from competitors and provide tangible ROI.

Barclays' Secrets to Create a Risk Aware Culture

Vinita Ramtri, Head of Conduct Risk at Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, reveals how the Bank is developing and embedding its conduct risk aware culture. Vinita addresses the challenges and provides her top tips in managing conduct risk. You will also get a glimpse into two of Barclays’ latest Big Data initiatives, which are helping to assist its customers through new innovative analytics, insights and services.