Identifying and prioritising analytics and IA projects to optimise business performance and enhance CX

Advanced Analytics & Intelligent Automation technology has created a wealth of opportunities for the insurance sector. Data Analytics is offering deeper insights into customers, employees and business problems; whilst Intelligent Automation technology is delivering unparalleled performance and business growth through process optimisation. . . 

Ultimately, advanced analytics and intelligent automation presents an opportunity to meet customer experience demands of the future by delivering faster quotes, processing claims quicker and providing truly actionable insights, whilst managing risk and complying with regulation.   

That's why we're bringing together Europe's leading data professionals and intelligent automation specialists from across the insurance sector to help you to identify the projects that will give you the biggest ROI, build the business case, secure buy-in, implement your data and IA strategy, define clear metrics to measure performance and scale your project. 

By bringing together industry thought leaders from across Europe, attending Advanced Analytics and Intelligent Automation for Insurance will teach you how to leverage your data and implement RPA, AI, ML and other IA technology to drive business innovation, improve efficiency and meet customer expectations. 

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Top Reasons to Attend

Identify IA opportunities that will solve unique business problems and provide the greatest ROI

Improve customer experience and loyalty whilst reducing churn

Enable faster, smarter, customised claims processing and settlements through AI and advanced analytics

Develop and set KPI’s and metrics that will measure the success of IA projects

Apply AI technology to improve fraud detection and prevention

Solve underwriting problems and transform how insurers underwrite risk

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