Intelligent Automation Roadmap: From Development to Execution

Intelligent automation is increasingly being used by insurers as a way to streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction. However, effective implementation of these technologies needs considerable planning before execution. This infographic will take you through six key considerations that are needed before you can truly embrace intelligent automation, including:

- How to establish compelling and transparent key success factors

- How do develop your people capabilities before implementation

- Assessing if collaboration with disruptors is likely to be beneficial

6 Crucial Challenges of Data and Analytics Professionals

Find out if your competitors are facing the same challenges as you? This infographic highlights 6 key challenges faced by Data, Analytics, Underwriting and Business Leaders in the Insurance Sector. Some, maybe all, may sound familiar. The infographic highlights such challenges as how to transform a conservative risk adverse culture to become data driven and how to understand exactly what your customer’s wants. It also shows how the Insight and Analytics in Insurance Summit will help address these challenges.