Getting to Grips with the Cognitive Automation Revolution

As global customer markets rapidly become more sophisticated and accustomed to utilizing cognitive technology in their everyday lives, the customer of tomorrow will not only expect smarter and faster service delivery, but highly intelligent and personalized self-service options will soon become a necessity.  As such, enterprises world-wide are under pressure to advance their business operations to keep up with this market trend. 

How the Four V’s of Big Data Drive Performance and Consistency in Call Center Data Analysis

Performance and consistency in business can only be created with innovation and inspiration. TransUnion recently worked with us to produce a tremendous Nexidia Analytics success story, where they worked first to meet the Four V's of Big Data, but then they challenged NICE Nexidia to meet the same criteria from the standpoint of data analysis.

How Machine Learning is Revolutionising The Insurance Industry

In this ebook we interview a selection of industry experts familiar with the technology to gain insight into the lessons learnt from their experiences with machine learning.