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AI & Intelligent Automation offers BFSI the opportunity to improve on and expand customer experience, back-office processes, marketing and security to name a few. This value-add benefits clients and enterprise alike. AI has the potential to decrease corporate spend, which can then be passed onto the customer. Thus AI has the potential to increase customer satisfaction in a day where user experience (UX) matters more than ever.

5 reasons why you should attend:

Optimizing Customer Experience with AI

Augmenting Your AI Data

Overcoming Challenges to Harness Predictive Analytics for your Enterprise

AI Compliance & Fraud Detection

Combatting Scaled Automation Risks


26 MAY

11:00am ET: Opening Remarks
Seth Adler, IQPC Digital

11:00am ET: Real-time Disruption Lessons Learned from the Front Lines to the Executive Suite
Charles  Mulinder,  Head of Intelligent Automation & Change, Fidelity International
  • When the pandemic spread from the APAC region, Charles and his team immediately gleaned lessons from the roll out of BCP and were able to apply those lessons in EMEA and the Americas. Along the way, Charles contracted Cornoravirus in Japan and subsequently recovered. With this unique perspective, Charles provides his thoughts on where we go from here.

    12:00pm ET: Transforming BFSI Through Intelligent Automation in Times of Rapid Change
    Ken Mertzel, Global Industry Leader – Financial Services, Automation Anywhere

    Financial institutions are facing tremendous pressure to improve business performance and lower operational cost while at the same time dealing with challenges such as increased regulatory scrutiny, back office inefficiencies and outdated legacy systems. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a “new normal” for businesses to manage operations in a more agile, automated manner.

    Most financial institutions have started adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to ease the pressure.  Learn how your organization can scale and transform using Intelligent Automation; not only to reduce cost, but also to boost overall business performance as well as employee and customer experience.  Join our upcoming webinar to hear industry experts share their insights on:
    • Intelligent Automation Trends in Banking and Financial Services
    • Use Case Examples Demonstrating How Successful Companies Have Implemented RPA
    • Post COVID-19 Impact on Business Automation
    1:00pm ET: The 3 Horizon’s Of Sustainable Innovation- Even During Global Disruption
    Marc Butterfield, SVP, First National Bank of Omaha
    • Horizon 1- Sustainable Innovation- table stakes- value known
    • Horizon 2- adjacent innovation- leading edge- just early
    • Horizon 3- unknown disruptive innovation- value unknown
    • C-level feedback- what are we doing now for tomorrow
    • Treating sustainable innovation as a tax while showing value from iterative innovation practice

    27 MAY

    11:00am ET: Applied AI in BFSI
    Rami Al Karmi, SVP/Chief Innovation Officer, Ahli Bank & CEO Ahli Fintech
    • Realizing the moment-in-time opportunity through comparisons to past industry disruptions
    • Understanding there is no reason to set up a digital operation if it doesn’t evolve
    • Conceiving of a fusion of internal & external operations with all stakeholders bought-in
    • Engaging in "tri-horizon" self-disruption
    • Moving from catch-up to leap frog
    • Being data-led not data-driven
    • Harnessing AI within the customer journey
    • Engineering Know Your Customer utilizing AI

      12:00pm ET: 
      Automation at Pandemic Pace
      Jose Manuel Perez Rebellon, AVP Intelligent Automation, Amerant Bank
      • Immediately tripling the number of projects in production
      • Hastening the pace of forecasting and auctioning
      • Real-time realization and restructuring of project priority
      • Unpacking resourcing when a wish list becomes a must list

        1:00pm ET: Overcoming The Formidable Threats Posed To BFSI Using IA
        Rajesh Agarwal, SVP, Datamatics
        • Reducing business risk
        • Managing regulatory comliance
        • Rising customer expectations/improving customer experience
        • Capitalizing on growth from digital transformation opportunities 



          Rami Al Karmi

          Rami Al Karmi

          Chief Executive Officer and CIO

          Ahli FinTech, Al Ahli Bank, Jordan

          Seth Adler

          Seth Adler



          Marc Butterfield

          Marc Butterfield


          First National Bank

          Jose Manuel Perez Rebellon

          Jose Manuel Perez Rebellon

          AVP Intelligent Automation

          Amerant Bank

          Charles Mulinder

          Charles Mulinder

          Head of Intelligent Automation & Change

          Fidelity International

          Ken Mertzel

          Ken Mertzel

          Global Industry Leader – Financial Services

          Automation Anywhere

          Rajesh Agarwal

          Rajesh Agarwal

          SVP & Head - RPA