Welcome to the 2nd Annual AI for Government Summit 2019

Driving Sustainable & Ethical AI Adoption To Enhance Citizen Satisfaction, Staff Productivity and Cost Efficiencies

With the Australian Government backing AI’s potential by committing $29.9m towards its R&D, the focus for public sector leaders today is not to address the “why” but “why not” for AI opportunities. As the private sector is leading the way with AI adoption, the public sector are quickly catching on to examine how-to strategies to leverage AI technologies for to deliver faster, more efficient and relevant services to their citizens.

With that in mind, the AI for Government Summit will return in August to bring you fresh new case studies and ideas in the Public Sector to drive sustainable and ethical adoption of artificial intelligence to improve public confidence and trust.



  • Centralised frameworks and standards to guide whole-of-government collaboration on AI adoption
  • Addressing data risk and ethical concerns associated with AI applications
  • Data governance to maximize trust and transparency between the Government, citizens and employees
  • Identifying use cases of AI to improve service delivery and cost efficiencies


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Three workshops that will equip you with strategies and frameworks to inform your digital transformation journey and empower your employees with digital capabilities

Understand the implications of AI on risk mitigation, management, governance and innovation

Build a solid organisational case for AI to shift traditional mindsets and win over stakeholder support

Answering the key question for AI adoption within the public sector: How can the Government leverage AI responsibly and sustainably to deliver better, faster and more relevant services to the public?


This event is co-located with:

  • Gain Strategies To Build Capability Models To Harness The Value Offered By Artificial Intelligence
  • Learn To Leverage AI To Improve Customer Experience And Automate Operations To Improve Efficiency
  • Understand The Importance Of Customer Centricity When Implementing Artificial Intelligence Into Existing Business Processes
  • Gain Insights Into Constructing A Governance Framework To Improve Risk Management In AI Implementation

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