Exclusive Content

Making the Business Case for Intelligent Automation: The Simple Steps Required to Understand Your Business Case and Benefits

In this White Paper, you will gain understanding of the simple steps required to build a business case for IA, including the benefits of using a Business Case Tool to quickly and easily model many processes, understand the potential savings and prioritize accordingly in order to build momentum and maximize automation value.

Cognitive Automation - 6 Steps to Success: What Cognitive Automation is, Why You Need It, and How to Do It Right

Adding cognitive capabilities to robotic process automation (RPA) is the biggest trend in business process automation since, well, RPA. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to succeed with cognitive automation by following six basic steps.

Chatbots - Drive Greater Customer Engagement and Employee Productivity

This eBook provides an overview of the tools, technologies and approaches being used to drive greater customer engagement across both front and back office functions.

How 4 Government Organisations are Effectively Deploying AI: Adopting Strategic Frameworks and Successfully Leveraging AI Innovations

Ahead of AI for Government 2019, we further explore how 4 government organisations are harnessing AI innovations to drive better citizen services, and the organisational frameworks currently being developed to ensure its ethical deployment and effective implementation.

AI For Government Past Presentation Packet

Ahead of AI for Government 2019, we offer you a look at some exclusive presentations from the 2018 event. Enjoy insights from:

  • Alicia Olson-Keating, Head of Audience Data and Insights at ABC
  • Roger Rooney, Senior Project Manager, Smart Parking and Machine Learning ACT Government
  • Melanie Wind, General Manager, Data and Analytics at icare NSW

Artificial Intelligence, genuine impact: Public Services in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

'This AI is already transforming many areas within the private sector, but its enormous disruptive potential won’t stop there. The societal and economic innovations created by these technologies will soon have a very real presence in every industry – including the public sector.' This industry whitepaper was authored by Carl Ward, Group Technology Officer, Health and Public Services at Accenture. 

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Pioneering AI in the Australian Public Sector: Optimising Process Efficiency and Delivering Better Services

Ahead of Artificial Intelligence for Government 2019, we take a look at two early adopters of AI in the Australian public sector that are driving the change for enhanced process efficiency and more streamlined services, allowing valueadded tasks to be recognised for employees. 

AI 2020 Update - The Global State of Intelligent Enterprise

This report offers a cross-industry study of the opportunities, trends and challenges that will reshape enterprise over the next two years.