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Get the latest! Download the March 2021 Virtual CDAO Agenda.

Join us for our virtual CDAO Exchange, March 18th, 2021!We look forward to bring together the data & analytics community in this new digital format to learn, connect and benchmark together, all while continuing to offer unmatched live speaker presentations from leading data & analytics exe ...

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The 4 Drivers of Data & Analytics

Embedding Data in the Decisions Driving Strategic Impact & ValueWith terabytes of data created daily the critical role of data and analytics is given. Despite the explosive growth that data and analytics has enjoyed over the last decade, CDAO's face some unique challenges due to the ...

Read our Latest Q&A with Safety National's Chief Risk and Predictive Analytics Officer, Bill Wilkins

Meet BillRead our latest Q&A with Safety National's Chief Risk and Predictive Analytics Officer, Bill Wilkins. Bill's main focus at Safety National Casualty Corporation is on Enterprise Risk Management and Predictive Analytics, but he still keeps his hand in the pricing/filing duties are ...

Read our latest Q&A with CNN's Vice President of Data Science & Strategy, Deepna Devkar

Meet Deepna:Read our latest Q&A with CNN's VP of Data Science & Strategy, Deepna Devkar. Deepna has been recognized for her contribution as Folio's Top Women in Media, Corporate Champion in 2018. During her career she has primarily worked in the media industry, both as a hands-on I ...

Read our Q&A with Wells Fargo Vice President of Data Science & Strategy, Lester Leong

Meet Lester:Read the second edition of our CDAO Exchange Q&A series with Wells Fargo's Vice President of Data Science & Strategy, Lester Leong. Lester has over 10 years of experience in finance - ranging from investments, artificial intelligence, to risk management consulting. In ...

Read our Q&A with Target's Vice President of Data Science & Analytics, Meghna Sinha

Meet Meghna:Read our Q&A with Target's VP of Data Science & Analytics, Meghna Sinha. Meghna has been with Target for 8 plus years where she has successfully led a variety of data capabilities to improve Target's ability to move with speed and agility. In this exclusive Q&A you' ...

Read our Q&A with Claire's Global Head of Analytics, Sean MacCarthy

Meet Sean: Read our latest Q&A with Claire's Stores Global Head of Analytics. Sean has worked in retail, operations, supply chain, and B2B Analytics and Strategy for the last five years with a focus on utilizing cross-functional data insights to drive company strategies. In this exclusiv ...


The Virtual Exchange Experience

Interested in joining the CDAO Exchange community? Download our 2021 Virtual Exchange Experience brochure to learn more about the Exchange model and the benefits of becoming a member. Learn more about:The Virtual Exchange Leading Edge ContentPast Attendees Experiences Registration BenefitsAnd More!

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Preparing for An IQPC Exchange Event

Get an exclusive view on what makes an IQPC Exchange unique and sets us apart from the competition. This video gives you a first hand look and testimonials about our events. So take a look and see why we constantly set the bar and have repeat attendees! 

The Exchange Difference

Still not sure how the Exchange format is different from your average industry conference? Download this free PDF to explore the unique benefits including personalized agendas, capped attendance, and much more!

Post Event Reports

CDAO August 2019 Post Event Report

Download your free copy of our Post Event Report to get an exclusive look at what happened at the August 2019 Chief Data & Analytics Officer Exchange, including featured speakers, session topics, attendee profile data, top areas of investment, and much more!

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The World Has Changed Overnight Is Your Business Prepared?

Over 65% of companies report getting no business value from AI. One of the key reasons is lack of business adoption. Learn how Aible fosters AI adoption by enabling end users to adjust models and see how they affect the business. Aible’s efficient frontier of dynamically-balanced AI models ensures businesses...

AIBLE Drives Business Adoption to Unlock AI Value

65% of Companies Report Getting No Business Value from AI. Why?Without business adoption, you can't get value from AI. Aible bridges the adoption gap by meeting users where they are with tools tailored to their existing skills and needs. Aible overcomes the last-mile problem by enabling end users to adjust...