Natalia Demidova

Director, Data Science and Analytics ATB Financial

Natalia Demidova is Director, Data Science and Analytics and Professional Practices with Internal Assurance at ATB Financial. She is leading the data science and analytics and professional practices teams within Internal Assurance at ATB Financial. Using an agile approach, Natalia is helping her high-performance teams to implement meaningful applications of advanced data analytics and elements of artificial intelligence (e.g., automation) in audit planning, audits and investigations. The value she strives to bring is increased effectiveness, self-service, broader coverage enabled with hard data and in-depth data insights to the audit and investigation teams, Audit Committee and the Board.To date, Natalia is responsible for spearheading the Continuous Monitoring and Automation Program in Internal Assurance and Internal Assurance Data Governance. With a Professional Practices team, Natalia focuses on quality assurance (QAR), best practices research and agile audit enablement for Internal Assurance.Natalia has her technical background in data science, risk and internal audit. Natalia has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in statistics and machine learning. She applied her analytical brain in Canada’s Nuclear industry while working for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. This included risk assessments and audits of the soundness of infrastructure and technical processes. Natalia also worked in shipbuilding, aerospace and chemical space prior to joining financial services.Commencing in 2010, Natalia took on a role in Enterprise Risk Management at Agrium (now Nutrien) where she established data-driven analytics, risk-based systems, and built and led teams and enterprise projects with the material impact of up to $400M focused on quantifying uncertainty. Natalia also engaged in machine learning engagements across industries, from major retailers to startups.Outside of the world of risk / AI / ML, Natalia is a fitness and tennis enthusiast. She does cross fit, tennis, hot yoga, cross country & downhill skiing and boating. She also imparts her love of sports on her son, who takes part in everything from karate to basketball to mountain biking.

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