Conference Day One: Wednesday 10th March, 2021

10:30 am - 10:45 am Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson

10:45 am - 11:15 am How NSW are Strengthening their Data Capability by Constructing a Data Sharing Framework Across Australian States and the Commonwealth

Ian Oppermann - Chief Data Scientist, NSW Department of Customer Service

As part of an effort to improve service provision NSW Department of Customer Service is undergoing a program of work to consolidate data resources across Australian states and the Commonwealth. In this session, the Chief Data Scientist Ian, will share the thinking behind the data sharing framework as well as the work in the AI space which this framework would contribute towards improving.

·        Addressing wicked policy challenges

·        Shaping the AI strategy – what are the critical steps?

·        Building a data sharing framework between government departments

-         What does the movement of data facilitate?

-         Architectural considerations – constructing the asset

-         Capability – data analytics, storing and sharing

-         Privacy and security focus for major data assets – building the trust

-         Processes for dealing with impact and adverse outcomes

Ian Oppermann, Chief Data Scientist, NSW Department of Customer Service



Ian Oppermann

Chief Data Scientist
NSW Department of Customer Service

As digital capability and associated technologies continuously evolve, this is an exciting time of innovation for digital leaders. However, it has become evident that multiple considerations around risk, compliance, legitimacy and security must be considered before beginning any digital transformation. In this panel, digital leaders will reflect on what they see as the causes of digital transformation failures, sharing their experiences, observations and lessons learned. To delineate the top reasons such transformation initiatives fail, they will discuss areas such as:

·        Hype and excitement – realistic expectations of what is possible and how to scale

·        Ensuring internal infrastructure and processes can support continuous digital evolution

·        Data – friend or foe?

·        Security and risk – data governance and cyber security

·        Establishing the right culture for innovation


Kate Carruthers

Chief Data & Insights Officer


Michael Vullings

General Manager Digital Customer Strategy
News Corp


Greg Booker



Pam Rebecca

former Chief of Strategy, Innovation & Digital Officer
World Vision Australia

11:45 am - 12:15 pm University of Melbourne: How to Build a Digital Transformation Roadmap which Simultaneously Addresses Current and Future Business Need

Assyl Haidar - Director of Digital and Data, University of Melbourne

Irrespective of how advanced your digital capability may be, undergoing any kind of transformative work involves considerations spanning from technology to operations and people. In the session, Assyl shares his work from the University of Melbourne and discusses both the characteristics of a strategic approach and the fundamental pillars to any digital transformation roadmap.

·        First steps when planning your digital roadmap

·        Incorporating current and future need into strategy

·        The four critical pillars of digital transformation:

1.      Strategy and Scope – building a strategy to plan where transformation will happen

2.      Digital delivery – deciding processes and systems to optimize to be an employer of choice

3.      Choice – mapping the pathway for digital transformation and balancing today’s need with the projected need

4.      Operating models – deciding on the optimal model dependent on your maturity

·        The University of Melbourne digital transformation journey – program of work, objectives, learnings and successes

Assyl Haidar, Director of Digital and Data, University of Melbourne


Assyl Haidar

Director of Digital and Data
University of Melbourne

12:15 pm - 12:45 pm Break

This panel discussion will bring together leaders to discuss the best approach to transformative work in the digital sphere. This will include assessment of the implications on strategy, operations, processes and culture in order to maintain pace with digital evolution.

·        Embedding digital into business strategy through new business models, process redesign & increased collaboration

·        Building service delivery and operating models in line with transformation goals

·        Starting with need: journey mapping to drive digital advancements

·        Evaluating tech to assess the best fit in line with business objectives

·        Ensuring an end to end journey through the implementation of integrated platforms


Sue-Lin Tin

Head of Digital Solutions & Innovation


Debs Majumdar

General Manager, Digital Product
GroupM Australia & New Zealand


Edith Vilhem

Head of Digital
Teachers Mutual Bank Limited

1:15 pm - 1:45 pm Changing the Game mini-Masterclass: Boosting Business Transformation post Covid-19 & Beyond

Michael Vullings - General Manager Digital Customer Strategy, News Corp
Graham Christie - Digital and Customer leader, Co-Author of, Changing the Game

This mini-masterclass presents the concepts and methodologies in the soon to be published authoritative book, ‘Changing the Game - the New Playbook for Leading Business Transformation’. With the need to accomplish effective change more rapidly, the authors will share a structured and highly practical approach that combines global leading practice and case studies. It will provide you with real world and battle-hardened tools to guide you in leading, managing and advising on transformation programs covering:

·        Taking stock

·        Creating the mandate

·        Mapping the journey

·        Mobilising the effort

·        Executing and tracking


Michael Vullings

General Manager Digital Customer Strategy
News Corp


Graham Christie

Digital and Customer leader, Co-Author of
Changing the Game

Many companies are hesitant to undergo digital transformation projects due to the investment and significant risk which they involve. This is heightened by the fact that often investment in the digital space has failed due to a lack of appropriate infrastructure and a flawed approach to digital integration. This panel discussion will demonstrate the need for a robust data strategy to support digital transformation and experts will share the steps to achieving success.

·        Defining a fit for purpose data strategy which aligns with digital transformation and business objectives

·        Journey mapping to encompass the business needs of today and the future

·        Critical considerations for a robust data strategy

·        The pitfalls of AI without a data strategy

·        Addressing the challenges surrounding the rapid speed of adoption of technology within the industry


Asif Gill

Associate Professor and Director of the DigiSAS LaB
University of Technology Sydney


Dan Bridgman

Senior Data Scientist
86 400


Khitish Mohanty

Lead Data Scientist
Stratton Finance

2:15 pm - 2:25 pm Closing comments by chair - End of day 1