Dan Bridgman

Senior Data Scientist 86 400

Conference Day One: Wednesday 10th March, 2021

Monday, March 26th, 2018

12:50 PM How to Construct a Data Philosophy to Continuously Evolve your Digital Roadmap While De-Risking Investments

Many companies are hesitant to undergo digital transformation projects due to the investment and significant risk which they involve. This is heightened by the fact that often investment in the digital space has failed due to a lack of appropriate infrastructure and a flawed approach to digital integration. This panel discussion will demonstrate the need for a robust data strategy to support digital transformation and experts will share the steps to achieving success.

·        Defining a fit for purpose data strategy which aligns with digital transformation and business objectives

·        Journey mapping to encompass the business needs of today and the future

·        Critical considerations for a robust data strategy

·        The pitfalls of AI without a data strategy

·        Addressing the challenges surrounding the rapid speed of adoption of technology within the industry

Conference Day Two: Thursday 11th March, 2021

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

1:15 PM How to Build a Culture of Disruption Advocacy to Facilitate the Evolution of your Digital Capability

Many argue that a business strategy should be innately digital and support the overarching goals of the business. However, as many enterprises are starting from a legacy environment, they must now consider how to facilitate this change. People and culture determine the success of much transformation work and when it comes to digital disruption and innovation, a significant amount of reluctance is often palpable amongst internal teams. This panel discussion will explore steps to embedding digital as norm and approaching change management to ensure disruption is viewed as ‘innovation’ rather than ‘obsolescence’.

·        Challenges with rapid change, removing potential barriers and embedding continuous improvement practices

·        Upskilling and permeating a culture of learning agility and outcome focus

·        What does sustainable change management look like?

·        Confronting risk aversion to drive AI beyond low level complexity applications

·        Digital workforce – preparing the organization for transformation and shaping the future of work

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