Why Join The IA Exchange?

Every quarter a Select group of IA Executives meets to benchmark with the best, trade battle scars and shortlist their next initiatives based on the insight and group knowledge in the virtual room. The IA Executive’s Select is cross-functional and cross-industry, but dives deep into the automation solutions that drive real business value in the corporate world from process discovery, to hyperautomation, RPA, conversational intelligence and more.

Deliver a Return on Automation Investment
This February, ROI was selected as the theme for this IA Executive's Select as it is the most urgent, front of mind deliverable currently driving most automation decisions. This means that every use case, panel discussion and roundtable is geared towards the elements of automation that deliver the greatest business value, or help automation leaders discover what delivering business value means for their organization.

Strategic Content Will Include
Selecting the Right Use Case, Deliver a Strong Automation Proof of Concept: Having initial success by demonstrating an automation solution can deliver on an executives targets is crucial to future investment.

Salvaging automation investments: Oftentimes Automation leaders will get a couple of dozen bots deployed, or automate 20 processes but then find their programs are stalled. This program will demonstrate the value in not scrapping automation investments when they hit a snag.

Governance and Long-Term Planning: As automation tools, like low-code no-code, become more popular then everyone wants to play with automation. This program will discuss gaining greater control over automation projects and the evolving solution’s market.



By Invite Only
Participation is strictly limited to executives from leading corporations to facilitate true peer-level networking


Tailored Itinerary
Only attend the topics and meet the peers aligned with your current business objectives


Strategic Content
The intellectual content of the conference program is specifically designed for the seniority and maturity of the participants


Cut out the noise of a crowded market. Meet only with senior solutions providers to discuss your strategic needs


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Find out how being a part of the Intelligent Automation Expert will provide you with the opportunity you need to meet prospects & grow your customer base.