What platform will we be using?

Get excited! We will be using Brella, an AI-powered matchmaking platform; where you can find/search attendees by attendee interests & intents.

Can I network with other attendees before the virtual event?

Yes. BFSI offers many ways for you to network with other attendees before the event.

  • Networking platform will open up 2 weeks prior to the event, you will be able to connect and send meeting invitations to other attendees then
  • BFSI LinkedIn Private Group - Join a discussion with other BFSI attendees about the event.
  • Intelligent Automation Meet Up Group – Join Here!
  • Join the AiiA Network

How can I network during the event?

  • You can connect, find and search attendees by attendee interests & intents. Every attendee will receive a unique password to access it – you must pre-register
  • Targeted 1:1 meetings with live video
  • Live audience Q&A and polls
  • Visit virtual booths and chat with solution providers
  • Mobile app (direct messaging capabilities)
  • Participate in breakout sessions (hosted on Zoom – join small discussion groups)
  • Everyone loves happy hour! Grab a drink and virtually network with your peers

What does brella look like? What should I expect?

Glad you are wondering. Here is a sneak peek video on what the platform looks like: https://www.aiia.net/events-intelligent-automation-for-banking-financial-services-and-insurance-online/brella-platform

What kind of equipment do I need to participate?

A computer with high-speed internet access. Please make sure to use Google Chrome. Recommended: A computer headset with a microphone or a computer with built‐in microphone and speakers.

How can I ask questions during the event? Will my question be answered during the presentation?

Attendees’ microphones are muted during the presentation, but participants can interact with the presenter through the chat /question and answer feature available during the presentation. Presenters will answer as many questions during the presentation as time allows.

Do I need to have a webcam for the event?

We encouraged you to use your webcam during the breakout sessions and happy hours to allow for a face-to-face experience with other attendees.

How do I log into a virtual event on the day of the event?

After registering, you should receive a confirmation email with a link to join the event. The email will contain a unique code to be used at the time of log in. If you have any trouble logging in, please email Katherine.Byrne@ssonetwork.com