Main Day One: August 2nd

Main Day One

11:45 am - 12:00 pm EST OPENING REMARKS

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm EST OPENING KEYNOTE From FTEs to Employee Utility: Changing the Conversation around the Value of Automation at ING

Sudhanshu Sawlani - Manager - RPA & Intelligent Automation, ING Bank

Three years into its automation journey, ING has deployed 350 unattended bots and thousands of attended bots. Sudhanshu Sawlani, Head of Robotics & Intelligent Automation, estimates they would need to hire an estimated 1100 people. But recently, his team have stopped talking just in terms of automations deployed or FTEs saved – now they’re focusing on how automation brings value to the employees who use them.

  • From journey’s digitized to the amount of work employees must do manually, the new metrics demonstrating automation’s value
  • Changing the conversation with senior leadership
  • How this employee centric change will drive the next three years of their journey


Sudhanshu Sawlani

Manager - RPA & Intelligent Automation
ING Bank

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm EST CASE STUDY Workflow Automation Tooling for Greater Oversight and Cost Control

By treating the myriad of automation technologies in the market as tools that belong to a single automation toolkit, automation leaders can design and deliver a unified digital transformation. This session will look at how keeping this toolkit on one centralized workflow platform can enable stronger cost management and greater oversight of how the technologies are functioning.

  • Utilizing Process Maker to visualize all the tools and applications used in a single process
  • Improve WFH set-ups by streamlining and connecting disparate teams
  • Monitor and manage budgets by estimating costs and tracking spend


Chris Carciello

Head of North America IA COE and Continuous Improvement
Rabobank, N.A.


Laura Hendrix

VP Operations, Quality and Innovation
First Horizon Bank


Jennifer Faria

Intelligent Automation Program Lead
FM Global


Mahantesh Patil

Chief-Digital and Agile Transformation Office

Scaling RPA is one of the biggest hurdles faced by automation leaders today because of its limited applications when used by itself. However, it’s also a foundational tool that is embedded in almost every automation suite. This panel discussion will bring together executives to share their lessons learned while scaling RPA enterprise-wide, and how this foundation has enabled the roll-out of more complex automation tools.

  • Showcasing value to the business by picking the right use case and being selective with the pipeline
  • Managing multiple stakeholders: getting leadership, employees, security and infrastructure teams aligned to build the right automation
  • Assessing and using lessons learned to move forward with new projects

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm EST CASE STUDY Revolutionizing the Employee Experience with Virtual Assistants

Beyond Siri, Google and Alexa, Virtual Assistants are capable of more than just reporting the weather, setting calendar reminders and playing music. The technology is rapidly growing in popularity as an enterprise tool to can greatly help employees do their jobs. This session will look at the broad market for virtual assistants, their capabilities and best placement in a business as well as address privacy and security concerns.

  • NLP, AI and ML: A breakdown of the tools that make virtual assistants a reality
  • The different types of virtual assistants, their capabilities and how each uses data
  • Selecting the right areas to pilot, road-test and assess virtual assistants

2:00 pm - 2:15 pm EST Comfort Break

Without a comprehensive approach to driving change, even the most untouchable business transformation strategy will fall flat. As many organizations evolve, it is extremely important to remain focused on expanding your scope, innovating your capabilities, and inspiring your teams. Those who don’t, will stagnate. However, those who do will remain strategic organizational assets. This workshop is perfect for organizations wanting to go beyond the basics with ideas that do not discard the necessities of their core responsibility for an effective and efficient services delivery model. 


  • Leveraging advanced industry tools, such as robotics process automation and automation governance models to achieve results
  • Uncovering pervasive change management challenges business services leaders face when it comes to service delivery automation Addressing employee engagement, continuous improvement, new service offerings, and expanding the scope of operations

DISCUSSION: What’s next for maturing service delivery models? How do you add value within a manageable framework?

TAKEAWAYS: Walk away with non-traditional, next generation concepts and strategies, and proven approaches to engage customers from day one and build an evidence-driven case for change.



  • Learn the basics of Customer Centricity and how other organizations deliver it
  • Understand which back-office functions have the most opportunity for a customer centric transformation
  • How intelligent automation plays a role in enhancing the customer experience and gaining a greater wallet-share

  • How the two differ in technology, cost, data requirements and use
  • Requirements for deploying each tool in an organization
  • Use cases and applications for each technology


  • How the combination of these automation tools, and bolt-on applications, enables more streamlined, automated document management
  • Using IPA to manage structured, unstructured and semi-structured documents
  • Utilizing IPA to assist employees in navigating siloed systems and capturing data from documents
  • Utilizing AI in order to manage dozens, if not hundreds, of bots
  • Centralizing and standardizing bot lifecycles for increased oversight
  • Balancing maintaining the pace of automation deployment with lifecycle management

3:45 pm - 3:45 pm EST CLOSE OF DAY

  • How IT can prioritize and provision services
  • Remaining compliant with data privacy laws when training with data
  • Managing, monitoring and maintaining cloud usage: service provisions, governance and operations back-up