Masterclass Day: August 4th


11:00 am - 12:45 pm MASTERCLASS A: The Strategy, Utility and Technology Behind No-Code Automations

Jeff Frame - Director & AVP for Continuous Process Improvement & Agile Process Managemen, The Riverstone Group

Automation has advanced far enough to supply no-code solutions, i.e. they don’t require coding in order to operate. No-code automation, like Power-Apps, provides a powerful opportunity to road-test and pilot potential automations without the investment, as well as provide quick automations that can run seamlessly alongside other processes.

It’s a popular automation technology for its ability to…

  • Select pre-existing workflow templates to automate without any coding necessary
  • Integrate web apps to create processes truly tailored to business needs
  • Enable SMEs in a particular function to automate with citizen development

This Masterclass will demonstrate how to fully capitalize on no-code automations. Attendees will spend their time walking through Power-Apps, and…

  • Learning how to build templates, design workflows and monitor processes
  • Monitoring and managing the no-code alongside a suite of tools like RPA and process discovery
  • Developing frameworks for increased governance and control over citizen developers

Walk away knowing how to use power-apps, when it's appropriate to use and what it takes to manage it in a broader governance strategy


Jeff Frame

Director & AVP for Continuous Process Improvement & Agile Process Managemen
The Riverstone Group

12:45 pm - 1:00 pm Comfort Break

1:00 pm - 2:45 pm MASTERCLASS B: Establishing an Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence (COE) that’s Right for YOUR Organization

Marilyn Krichko - Head of Continuous Improvement Automation, Spectrum Brands INC Rayovac

Intelligent Automation COEs are defined as an in-house department dedicated to strategizing, managing and operating automation efforts. These functions are increasingly seen as critical for scaling intelligent automation technologies. However, it’s not one size fits all, and the benefits to one business are not transferrable to every business.

COEs are popular management frameworks because of their ability to…

  • Standardize practices as automation scales throughout the organization
  • Act as a consultative resource for other business units looking for models, best practices and solutions
  • Empower business teams while maintaining control and keeping step with change

This Masterclass will demonstrate how to design, deploy and develop the best fitting COE to mold to any automation journey. Attendees will spend their time walking through popular COE governance models and…

  • Employing a team with the right skill-sets and forward-thinking attitudes
  • Establishing a framework for governance and continuous improvement
  • Picking the right technology for sustainable, manageable use

Walk away with the right toolkit to build an automation COE for your organization’s business needs


Marilyn Krichko

Head of Continuous Improvement Automation
Spectrum Brands INC Rayovac

3:00 pm - 3:00 pm END OF DAY