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Achieving Accuracy through Repeatability

By: Rama K

Read our blog post by Rama K to find out how organizations roll out their automation efforts along with OCR.

What It's Like to Be a Woman in Tech: With Leslie Holland


Leslie Holland of Antworks tells us her experience as a woman in the tech industry. Read her Q&A below to get her thoughts. 

What It's Like to Be a Woman in Tech: With Gina Gray


Gina gray, Commercial Director at Celaton, tells us what it's like to be a woman in the tech industry today! Read her Q&A with Intelligent Automation Week Chicago! 

What Makes for a Disruptive Automation Brand?

By: Rama K

Find out what makes an automation brand disruptive, including advanced RPA capabilities and built in data interfaces!  

Machine Learning and Processing Unstructured Data

By: Gina Gray

Gina is the Commercial Director for Celaton, a leading UK Intelligent Process Automation solution vendor, and has been with businesses for over 6 years. During her time at Celaton, Gina has been instrumental in the company’s growth and has helped to establish not only strong relationships with customers but also strategic partnerships within the wider Business Process Automation Market. Gina has more than 15 years’ experience working within the IT and Communications sectors and has a history of success with companies including Mimecast, Panacea and Display Data, developing both direct and partner channels in Europe, Latin America, Russia, Australia and the Far East.

Chatbots and Intelligent Automation

Read our blog post about chatbots and how they use intelligent automation and RPA! Customer service and chatbots are key to any modern business model--read about what we think the best uses for them are! 

The Ins and Out of Natural Language Generation


Read our blog post to find out how RPA can link with your machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize your companies potential! 

Developing & Maintaining an Effective IA CoE Model


There are undeniably a ton of questions about IA Centers of Excellence (CoE) within the intelligent automation (IA) space.

Three Artificial Intelligence Case Studies


Check out the three case studies below to find out how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are being used to drive more intelligent business decisions.

Why RPA Initiatives Fail & How to Course-Correct


Let’s take a look at why certain RPA initiatives may fail and what you can do to course-correct to avoid further challenges.

Data Analytics Success Stories

By: Katherine Byrne

The use of data analytics will only continue to grow in the future, as it is a necessary tool for organizations to use when it comes to making big business decisions.

Five AI-based Tech Advancements are Enhancing Intelligent Automation

By: Katherine Byrne

Let’s take a look at five AI-based tech advancements that are driving intelligent automation to be even more intelligent.

Change Management Checklist to Ensure IA Program Success

By: Katherine Byrne

Effective change management can reduce the delivery risks of implementing IA technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics process automation. To ensure the success of your intelligent automation program, try leveraging these tested change management strategies.

An Intelligent Approach to Document Processing

By: Timur (Tim) Kalimov, SVP, Business, HyperScience

Despite today’s digital-first world, companies struggle to process the vast number of forms, scanned images, and more that move between businesses and customers every day. Organizations spend roughly $57 billion on data entry each year, and that number is growing.

How Are Various Industries Implementing Intelligent Automation?


Regardless of what industry you are in, the potential for intelligent automation is massive.

The Analytics Carnival

By: Gary Cokins, CPIM

Ever notice how the personalities and dispositions of circus and carnival performers often resemble co-workers in an organization?

Data Scientist Geeks Are Chic

By: Gary Cokins, CPIM

A managerial movement is now in motion and picking up steam. It is the application of business analytics for organizations to gain insights to determine good decisions and the best actions to take.

Cloud Computing

By: Vamika Anand

Cloud computing has been in existence since 2000. The goal of it is to allow users to take benefit from all of these technologies, without the need for deep knowledge about or expertise with each one of them. There are three main models of cloud computing and many benefits.

Why Will Analytics Be the Next Competitive Edge?

By: Gary Cokins, CPIM

Analytics is becoming a competitive edge for organizations. Once being a “nice-to-have,” applying analytics is now becoming mission-critical.

How Do I Build the Business Case for Artificial Intelligence?


The first thing you need to assess is what your largest issues are currently which have the potential to be addressed with automation.

Machine Learning

By: Vamika Anand

Machine learning is a sub-field of artificial intelligence. Its goal is to enable computers to learn on their own. A machine’s learning algorithm enables it to identify patterns in observed data, build models that explain the world, and predict things without having pre-programmed rules and models.

What Does Intelligent Automation Actually Mean?

By: Greg Council

What we talk about when we talk about automation is reducing the need for humans to be involved in a particular task. This is for a variety of reasons: increasing safety, increasing precision, reducing cost and increasing output.

A Conversation With Our 2018 Keynote Speaker: Michael Rogers, MSNBC’s “The Practical Futurist” (Part 2)


In part 2, get to know one of the nation's leading experts on the impact of technology on business and society a little bit more. You'll hear his thoughts on bots, AI bias, and more!

AI and Cybersecurity

By: Vamika Anand

Cybersecurity solutions utilizing AI and machine learning can greatly reduce the amount of time needed for threat detection and incident response. These technologies help reduce and prioritize traditional security alerts. 

A Conversation With Our 2018 Keynote Speaker: Michael Rogers, MSNBC’s “The Practical Futurist” (Part 1)


Get to know one of the nation's leading experts on the impact of technology on business and society – who was the keynote speaker at Intelligent Automation Week 2018. Mr. Rogers is the Futurist-in-Residence for The New York Times Company, as well an interactive media pioneer, novelist and journalist. He also writes the popular Practical Futurist column for MSNBC.

Artificial Intelligence Research: United States vs China

By: Vamika Anand

China and the United States are ahead of the global competition to dominate artificial intelligence (AI). However, China is aggressively executing a thorough vision for AI — and in some areas, has clearly pulled ahead of the United States.

What Is Process Mining & Why Should Companies Utilize It?

By: Katherine Byrne

Process mining, a relatively new and innovative technology, has the capability to solve challenges associated with process management and improvement.

Five Accounting Functions That Will Be Impacted by Digitization

By: Gary Cokins, CPIM

As automation displaces a traditional accountant’s work it is important for those affected to have a positive and an optimistic attitude and consider the newly created upside potential for them to perform fulfilling work and higher cognitive tasks.

The Disruptive Impact of the Digital Revolution on Accounting

By: Gary Cokins, CPIM

Organizations are slow at adopting progressive methods. This is true for CFOs, CPAs, and accountants. The accounting profession needs to prepare for change due to the disruptive digital technologies transformation in progress called the “digital revolution”.

A Majority of Intelligent Automation Projects Are Stuck in Pilot Stages

By: Katherine Byrne

Organizations are becoming more ambitious with IA investment plans, but often overlook the full costs.