Justify Your Trip

Justify Your Trip

We want to help you get the thumbs up to attend Intelligent Automation Week Chicago 2019!

We’re back and more excited than ever! And we know you are too. We get that management sometimes says that they don’t understand the importance of attending “yet another IA conference” or attending the same event you went to the year prior.

So we’re here to help explain why we’re hardly “another IA conference,” and how this year’s Intelligent Automation Week is so different from last year, so we put together some details to help you receive approval from your manager. Download the Word document we’ve prepared to help you justify your trip. Simply fill in the missing areas to personalize the letter, and you’re all set!

Intelligent Automation Week Chicago will provide you with a variety of unique experiences that you can't afford miss:

  • Build your own agenda: Whether your organization is just beginning its IA adoption phase, or is at the ready to mature and scale up its IA program, and/or…. whether you’re a finance professional, Developer, or something else, our program has a wide variety of sessions to choose from that will allow to build your own agenda based upon maturity, and/or functional focus.
  • "The IA Race": If you’re an IA Developer, and/or like-minded IA technical enthusiast, then join us for the friendly competition of technical challenges structured as a game that will require you to complete a series of IA Developer technical projects and tasks.
  • "IA Buddy Network" Program: Take part in this special program whereas upon checking into the event, you already have an “IA Buddy” to meet and mingle with onsite. All you need to do is answer a few matchmaking questions prior to the event and from there we’ll pre-assign an “IA Buddy” we think would be a good match for you based upon your organizations’ maturity, projects, strategies, and/or objectives.
  • "Man & Machine" Focus Day: Care to take an even deeper dive into all things IA on a technical level? Then be sure to stick around for the last day of the conference, which will focus on the hottest IA topics on a technical platform level and allow you to have a hands-on learning experience of how several IA software platforms run in real world terms.
  • Academic approach to unlocking the IA treasure chest 3.5 hour workshop: With so many types of IA technologies to choose from, determining which ones might be best suited for your organization’s objectives isn’t easy. Well fear not, as our NYU Adjunct Professor of IA studies and CTO, Fred Kauber, will provide an academic approach on how to best navigate your IA options.
  • Jazz it up! Kick off your boots by attending the special social activities we have planned for you! Meet and mingle, make new friends, and basically, just have a blast, and by joining us at the Exhibit Hall Preview & Champagne Toast, Andy’s Jazz Club, Networking Cocktail Party, and the “Man & Machine” Meet Up!

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