The Year in RPA: Analyzing the transforming industry

The Year in RPA: Analyzing the transforming industry

Robotics Process Automation is very fast paced, and it pays to keep up. In as little as 12 months, RPA solutions can transform business processes radically. The process automation industry is set to grow by as much as 60% before 2020, so businesses need to adapt now so they are not left behind by their competitors!

We recently caught up with leading RPA experts to discuss how this exciting area of automation is changing, and what the future holds. In this whitepaper, three end-users will provide some insight into:

  • How they utilise Robotic Process Automation today
  • What the advantages of RPA in specific cases are
  • How the way they use RPA has adapted over the last year.

Our three expert end-users interviewed are:

  • Martin Ruane, Programme Director at ENGIE
  • Jose Ordinas Lewis, Head Robotic Automation Centre at Swiss Re
  • Kevin Mowles, Head of Business Solutions for Leeds Building Society

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