Dave Palastro

VP for Finance Innovation and Transformation Sompo International

Main Conference Day One - August 10th

Monday, August 10th, 2020

11:00 AM PANEL DISCUSSION Digitizing All Data at the Point of Entry to Gain an Edge in Automation

While traditional automation solutions have driven significant wins, from early task-based to more integrated intelligent automation initiatives, the one stumbling block remains data. Getting data into a digitized and structured format at point of entry is the critical ingredient for successful automation – specifically in enabling downstream processes. And yet, most enterprises are still struggling with accessing unstructured data to unlock the full potential of end-to-end automation.

SSON’s Barbara Hodge examines findings from the latest SSON report “How Commercial Insurance gains an edge by digitizing data” and invites insurance executive David Palastro, and AntWork’s Emma Beaumont, to discuss opportunities to optimize revenue and vastly improve automated workflows through digitized data ingestion. As a VP for Finance Innovation and Transformation, David will share his cross-functional perspective on the challenges faced by the Insurance industry when utilizing data for enterprise automation, while Emma will introduce innovations in data ingestion that are revitalizing opportunities at point of entry.

Main Conference Day Four - August 13th

Thursday, August 13th, 2020

1:15 PM USE CASE Digitizing Data Entry by Layering OCR with RPA

Using OCR to capture and process unstructured data from paper documents, From image acquisition to post-processing, the step-by-step guide to building an OCR engine, Embedding OCR software into business processes for automated, document classification, task routing and process tracking

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Dave.

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