Leonard Langsdorf

CTO, Digital Labs Capco

Leonard Langsdorf leads Capco Digital as the Chief Technology Officer with 25 years of experience in product and technical development, 20 of which have been in the financial services industry. Leonard has had significant experience in technical and product transformations primarily working with financial product companies focused on increasing ROI and transformational change specifically focusing on integrating AI/ML into product offerings. Additionally he is responsible for our partnership with Stevens Institute of Technology Hanlon Laboratory of Financial AI.

Main Conference Day One - August 10th

Monday, August 10th, 2020

2:15 PM Accelerating the Transformation to Next-Gen Ops : What Do Companies Need to Digitally Transform their Business Operations?

Across industries, many companies have been on strategic journeys of “digital transformation,” however impacts from COVID-19 have increased focus on business operations as a crucial differentiator in market for where to prioritize many of those efforts. To do this, there are a number of critical capabilities and technologies required to enable this rising pace of next-gen digital transformation. From advances in applications of analytics like process mining, to deployment of increasingly intelligent automation techniques, the ways companies are working to meet the ever evolving needs of their businesses are vast.

With this, asking the right upfront questions to craft optimal strategies is essential. To help guide these critical work steps, this session will discuss three key areas:

  • What are the key components you need to transform business operations?
  • How do you leverage automation and process mining to drive operations efficiency?
  • How do you upskill your operations workforce and build a truly data-driven culture?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Leonard.

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