Mark Shivers

Former Managing Director - Robotic Process Automation BNY Mellon

Mark Shivers has 16+ years of experience as an external and internal consultant, focusing on increasing business margins through operational reengineering programs, global footprint strategies, and technology implementation projects.  Mark created BNY Mellon's award winning Robotic Process Automation CoE 4 years ago, which boasted large financial and non-financial returns with over 450 bots implemented in production. Mark spent the last 4 years as the Global Head of Intelligent Process Automation at BNY Mellon, leading intelligent automation programs consisting of RPA, OCR/ICR, machine learning and BPM projects across a 55,000 person organization. Mark left BNY Mellon in early 2019 to open Ignite - Intelligent Process Automation, (aka Ignite IPA), a consulting and software implementation firm aimed at “client self-sufficiency” by adding an “experienced based spark” to their new or existing robotic process automation or intelligent process automation program.