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According to an estimate by IDC, 70% of enterprises in Asia will use some form of IA services by 2021 with a total spending of US$5.0 billion.

Intelligent automation (IA) is a game changer for businesses today leading to unprecedented levels of growth, efficiency and quality. With the rapid growth of intelligent automation technologies and their applications, it has become more important that ever for companies to stay ahead of the game as the industry moves from basic Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) to sophisticated IA technologies such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to an estimate by IDC, 70% of enterprises in Asia will use some form of IA services by 2021 with a total spending of US$5.0 billion 

Keeping in mind the current digital landscape and business priorities, the 2nd Annual Intelligent Automation will take the conversation around cognitive automation one-step forward as we bring together Asia’s leading innovators and technology disrupters to share upcoming initiatives and challenges they’ve encountered on their intelligent automation journeys. Whether you are at the launch, growth or advanced stage of IA implementation, this is the ideal platform for you to learn and network! 

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5 Intelligent Automation Trends for the Next 4 Years!

40% of digital transformation initiatives will use AI services and by 2021, 75% of enterprise applications will use AI

Almost 50% of IT budgets will be tied to digital transformation initiatives such as RPA, Cognitive Automation and AI

20% of organizations that used RPA will have replaced it with another more advanced IA solution

World-wide cognitive and AI spending will grow to US$52.2 billion

IA will save businesses an astronomical sum of $1 trillion a year in maintenance and services

Intelligent Automation Asia Leaders

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Key Themes for 2019

Industry update:
The evolving role of IA and its impact on your digital transformation strategy

Spotlight on IA:
Expert insights, emerging technologies and industry best practices for implementing IA

Blueprint for success:
Map out your IA journey from RPA to Cognitive Automation to Artificial Intelligence

Date integrity:
Data-driven decision making with machine and deep learning

Step into the future:
The road ahead for Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Why Attend?

Leverage on Intelligent Automaton to drive innovation, business efficiency, enhanced customer experience and competitive advantage

Overcoming the technical, commercial and cultural challenges of implementing IA technologies

Exclusive case studies and practical examples of adopting IA across Asia’s key sectors and industries

Identify the emerging trends in Cognitive Automation, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Meet with the industry’s top innovators and decision makers as they share their IA journeys


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