Jeff Frame

Director & AVP for Continuous Process Improvement & Agile Process Management The RiverStone Group

Jeff Frame is a Lean Six Sigma and Agile Evangelist leading IT and business transformation across multiple industries for the last 20 years.  Building on a foundation that has its roots in psychology and the not-for-profit organizations, Jeff transitioned to “Corporate America” after receiving his MBA.  During his 13-year career at Liberty Mutual Insurance, Jeff held a variety of roles from Analyst to Process Improvement Consultant and ultimately to numerous management positions leading organizational change focused on simplifying, standardizing and automating processes across IT and business units. 

Leading with Lean and executing with Agile became a successful formula, not only to streamline the organization but to drive innovation.  In 2015, Jeff and his team of agile experts and automation engineers were awarded the BMC Innovation Award for developing, deploying and scaling “Self-Healing Automation”.  At the forefront of this was Lean, “if you automate a bad process, you increase defects, development costs and you just do bad things faster”.

In his current role, Jeff leads a team of Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Consultants and Agile practitioners responsible for implementing Lean and Agile at the RiverStone Group.  

MAIN DAY TWO February 26th

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

2:40 PM USE CASE Securing and Improving Processing Through Lean and Agile Process Excellence at Riverstone Group

Don’t wait until thousands of dollars in inefficiencies (or financial crime) is caught before you take a closer look at your existing processes. When automation is done correctly, it’s about designing new human processes not automating new processes. This session will demonstrate the savings and security of simplifying processes to better monitor, manage and handcraft code.
  • The business impact of lean methods for coding; simplifying to gain greater oversight
  • Organization-wide software delivery through Agile methods
  • The cultural impact of Lean: teaching a continuous improvement mindset to the whole company

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