Francesco Corea

Tech Evangelist Axilo

As a complexity scientist, I am a strong supporter of an interdisciplinary research approach, and my life goal is fostering the interaction of different sciences in order to bring to light hidden connections.

I am indeed passionate about exploiting emerging technologies to solve high-value problems with impactful solutions, with a focus on verticals such as life sciences, energy, and general intelligence.

Any great researcher spends his life answering one or two research questions at most. Mine is: How can I use science and technology (and more in general data and information) to make myself better?

Post-doc educated tech investor and complexity scientist with 5+ years of cumulative experience in research and consulting on AI and Complexity. I work with startups, venture funds, and big organizations to help them making sense of exponential technologies.

Fluent in English and Italian, with a good command of Spanish, I studied 3 other languages over the years (Portuguese, French, Arabic), and worked and studied in 15+ countries across 5 continents.

Publications: 4 books and 10+ academic papers (Scholar Profile). I run a blog about AI and technology (Medium). Referee for the Journal of Big Data; Artificial Intelligence Review; Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research. Technical writer for the Montreal Institute of Structured Finance and Derivatives.

Expertise: Data Science; Big Data; Artificial Intelligence; Complexity; Biopharma; Quantitative Finance; Behavioral Economics.

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