Intelligence Automation Week December Blog

Industry Pulse Check: Challenges, Priorities, and Assessment Methods For Investment Decisions

By: Geena Monaco

Learn more about the top challenges, investment priorities, and new strategies, of business executives when it comes to developing a new digital strategy in the wake of COVID-19. Access the blog for graphs and charts that represent our respondents answers to polling questions that we conducted over the past months. 

8 Big Questions To Consider For The Next Shift IA Governance

By: Seth Adler

Seemingly overnight, the global pandemic changed intelligent automation governance models for organizations everywhere leaving many to grapple with how to return to work and apply a new IA governance strategy. In our latest blog, we explore the 8 big questions, and 36 little ones, you should consider for the next shift in IA governance.

Harnessing Intelligent Workflow Mapping

By: Seth Adler

Why does scaling intelligent automation seem so difficult if we’ve got better tools than ever to do what we always have done? Automating repetitive tasks increases efficiency, reduces cost, can move your best talent to more enterprise productive tasks which can all lead to a more optimized enterprise. In fact global corporate enterprise has been expediting this very concept since the onset of the industrial age.

What You Missed at IA Week Digital

By: Jordan Mullins

Intelligent Automation Digital (August) brought together 2000+ automation professionals for two weeks of  cross-functional, cross-vertical, cross-maturity digital networking, thought leadership and interactive content. If you were able to join us, use this blog as a trip down memory lane, if you weren't able to join us learn about what you missed and get excited to join us when we re-connect in December!