At this year’s Intelligent Automation Week, we would like to honor Women in Technology and Automation. Join us for our special “Women in IA” event programming, designed by women in various job roles within the IA space.

Together, women have the power to create transformative social change. Join our IAWomen Movement where we inspire and support one another.

We ask female and male mentors/mentees to take a pledge to continue to mentor and support the growth of women in the workplace. We are empowering women to challenge themselves in the technology and innovation industry - we are creating herstory. At the Intelligent Automation Week event you can meet and network with empowering women! #IAWomen

Wednesday, December 4 | 12:25PM - 1:20PM

IA WOMEN Networking Luncheon is a dedicated place for women at IA Week December to connect with other women in technology & automation to share stories, ask questions and make valuable connections.

-Take a selfie or a picture of you holding the #IAWomen sign, download here

-Post the picture on your social media channel of choice with the hashtag #IAWomen and a sentence on your reason for joining the movement.

-Spread the word! Tag a colleague, friend, mentor or mentee to also be a part of this movement.

E-mail your picture to to be featured in our promotions!