Ensuring RPA Deployment Success & Scaling up RPA Enterprise-Wide 

In a bid to become an early mover of the forth industrial revolution (IR 4.0), the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is actively encouraging organisations to jumpstart and accelerate their digital transformation journey.
One key initiative is the implementation of automation to deliver and add value for their businesses and this is where  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes in. RPA is gaining traction as the technology is proven to offer greater speed, efficiency, quality, compliance and cost savings for organisations in the age of digitisation.
In 2019, Malaysia’s leading RPA experts will gather to discuss the best strategies to kick start their RPA projects and scale up their RPA capabilities enterprise-wide placing a focus on integrating RPA technologies into the entire organizational blueprint, IT architecture and systems. Other topics that will be discuss include evaluating RPA ROI, redeploying workforce for value-added operations, key opportunities and challenges with cognitive automation to manage highly complex processes and large amounts of unstructured data for efficiency gains and customer experience excellence and more!

2019 Speakers


Adopting RPA effectively and measuring RPA risk and ROI to gain business productivity

Step by step for successful RPA integration with existing legacy system

Accelerating automation enterprise-wide RPA integration and deployment

Setting up the RPA COE, governance, risk and control to deploy and manage the bot

Progressing towards cognitive automation for judgment intensive tasks

Developing next-generation hybrid workforce to reap full benefit of RPA

Implementing effective change management to adopt RPA within organisation


The leading RPA event in Asia, part of the global series in Malaysia that gathers RPA/ IA/ Cognitive Automation peers across industries

Discuss and explore the best strategy to adopt and scale up RPA capabilities in back-end, middle and front office form enhanced productivity and customer experience

Gain actionable insights from early adopters and mature adopters on the maturity curve of RPA and cognitive automation on new and proven case studies

Exploring key steps for enterprise wide RPA adoption and potentials of cognitive automation from RPA

Learn from international and local case studies across industries and matured RPA and cognitive automation deployment