Advanced Analytics & AI Summit: BFSI: Latest Agenda

Advanced Analytics & AI Summit: BFSI, taking place on the 25th – 26th June in London, will focus on: 

  • Increasing revenue, improving efficiency, reducing costs and maximizing overall business performance
  • Identifying and selecting the right use cases for experimentation and scaling proofs of concept
  • Integrating new tools, systems, platforms and applications within IT legacy systems
  • Minimising compliance risks by ensuring the completeness, accuracy, and availability of data sources
  • Applying AI technology to improve fraud prevention and detection, enhance customer experience and personalise products and services
  • Developing and setting KPI’s and metrics that will measure the success of IA projects

To find out more about our expert speakers and sessions, download the agenda here>>

Big Data Analytics for Financial Services: Sponsorship Opportunities

Big Data Analytics - Financial Services, 4-5 July 2018, London 

  • Leverage AI and Machine Learning: Hear how HSBC, ING, Lloyds, Towergate, AXA, Prudential, Credit Suisse and Covea are exploring and implementing technology to improve Customer Centricity, Business Processes and reduce Financial Crime
  • Leverage data to improve experience, loyalty and engagement: Learn how Aviva are developing a data-driven strategy to deepen customer relationships and improve competitiveness
  • Manage Financial Crime, detect and prevent fraud effectively: Find out how HSBC, Capital One, Covea and Hastings Direct are structuring their team, leveraging analytics and implementing technology to monitor and capture suspicious activity
  • Develop new revenue streams and monetise data: Find out how Liv-Ex are treating their data and increasing spend per customer
  • Develop a personalised pricing model: Learn how AXA are developing competitive pricing models without impacting margins to maximise profitability and improve customer experience