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View the Full Agenda - 2nd Robotic Process Automation Malaysia Summit 2019

The 2nd Robotic Process Automation Malaysia Summit 2019 is scheduled to take place in Kuala Lumpur on 18-20 September.RPA Leaders from Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA), Grab, Maybank, Air Asia Group Berhad, Kimberly Clark Global Business Services, H ...

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Read the Article - 5 Tips on How to Scale up Your RPA

In this article, we explore 5 tips to scale up your RPA and successful cases of RPA pioneers in Asia.Choose fertile ground for scalable RPATest, test and test againWelcome feedback at every stage, from every directionKeep it cohesiveDevelop and main ...

Read the Article - How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with RPA

RPA is a crucial tool in this digital journey. Here we explore how best to identify the right use cases for RPA including implementing a Lean philosophy. How to improve digital capabilities and also how to ensure RPA is benefiting all departments and increasing productivity and cost.

Read the article - How to Successfully Adopt RPA for Long-Term Growth

In this article we explore how to manage, plan and create; how to manage expectations, how to plan for long-term growth and how and why you should build a COE. With inclusion of top tips from industry leaders, this promises to be a great starting point for building your long-term RPA strategy.&nb ...

RPA - Know your terminology

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence have become hot topics over the past few years led by the pursuit for speed, efficiency and seamless experiences in this digital age. RPA may not be rocket science but it can be confusing with all the different terminology. To help you naviga ...

The winning RPA formula

Forget the proof of concept for a minute. What RPA implementation needs is a lot of preparation work. The more foundation work you do, the better the long term results. Focus on people and processes, as well as the technology. How are they all going to adopt to automation? Off the back of the 3rd ...

Where is Malaysia on its RPA Journey?

We asked industry leaders in Malaysia where they currently are with their RPA strategies, what their main criteria is for choosing a solution provider and the most important RPA solutions.We also addressed the challenges to implementation and what vendors they are currently working wit ...

Why RPA Technology Pays For Itself

Rohit Nambiar was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad in December 2017. Prior to this, he was Chief Transformation and Operations Officer in charge of Transformation, Operations, IT and Big Data. In both roles Nambiar has ...

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We offer a comprehensive range of platforms, media, networking opportunities and marketing channels to deliver your objectives. In consultation with our expert team, you can mix a variety of activities that meet your specific business development needs. Download our prospectus to find out more, or simply drop us an email...

View RPA Malaysia 2018 Attendee List

Download the attendee list to see who attended the inaugural RPA Malaysia Summit 2018!

View the Full Agenda - 2nd Robotic Process Automation Malaysia Summit 2019 spex

Following the government's initiative, this is the best platform for Malaysia’s RPA project leaders to network, engage and exchange best practices on:How to adopt RPA effectively and measure RPA risk and ROI to gain business productivityStep by step for successful RPA integration with existing legacy systemAccelerating automation enterprise-wide RPA integration...

Past Presentations

Read the Past Presentation - Digitalisation and Automating Back-end Processes to Free up Resources for Higher Order Work

Past presentation from Mohd Nizam Abdul Rahim, Head – IT Services, Sime Darby Global Services Centre.

Read the Past Presentation - Optimising Talent with Robotic Process Automation to Accelerate Business Agendas

Past presentation from  Chrystel Viljoen, Team Leader, Shared Transaction Centre (STC), The University of Auckland.

Read the Past Presentation - RPA with Machine Learning Delivering Higher Efficiency in Human Way

Past presentation from Rajan Kumar Upadhyay, Machine Learning Technical Expert, DHL.