Tips on Scaling RPA from the Philippines

Tips on Scaling RPA from the Philippines

Last year, SSON posted an article online that championed “operationalising RPA” as the right solution for Shared Services centres in the Philippines. Given that traditional service delivery models in the Philippines were built on low-cost FTEs and linguistic capability, the automation wave engulfing support services meant these opportunities were no longer as compelling as they once were. With the advent of RPA, the Philippines found itself in the midst of a far-reaching ‘reinvention’ of the workplace, based on intelligent processing capabilities that were fast taking over transactional activities. 

5 tips to build scalability into your automation operations: 

  • Governance Guides Growth
  • Freeing Capacity To Accelerate RPA
  • Empowerement Drives Implementations
  • Leveraging The Power Of Robotics Through Machine Learning
  • Setting Expectations

Download the article to read more. 

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