Day 1: Americas

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9:00 am - 9:45 am Digital Transformation Is An Evolution Of Decision Making: Identifying The Intersection Where Corporate Decisions Should Occur

Mike Carroll - VP, Corporate Transformation, Strategy Development and Innovation, Georgia Pacific

Technology is an enabler of decision making. Who makes the decisions is usually reliant on reporting structure. Decisions are mostly made over the course of an extended period of time. There is nothing unreasonable about this construct. But this construct can only provide limited growth. Changing the dynamic of how decisions are made is the key to growth which can keep pace with competition and disruption. Mike shares his thoughts.

  • Understanding true actionable insights are identified at the plant level where value is created
  • Identifying how that front-line insight can inform support
  • Instilling a metric set into the entire end-to-end enterprise that respects that key insight
  • Asking 'what needs to get done,’ ‘what do you need to know to get that done’ and 'what is there to know that I don’t know,' to identify the facts and context to bring you key perspective
  • Realizing that who you work for depends on the problem being solved
  • Understanding that digital transformation has nothing to do with digital- it’s the transformation of how you think and make decisions 
  • Graphing the decision-making process with good Bayesian analysis 

Mike Carroll

VP, Corporate Transformation, Strategy Development and Innovation
Georgia Pacific

Automation is easy right? Buy some bots, throw them at tasks you hate doing, sit back and watch productivity skyrocket… we all wish it were that easy. In reality, 50% of RPA deployments have less than 10 bots and many organizations are struggling to achieve ROI. Scaling automation for long-term success requires careful planning, implementation, and the right set of capabilities so you can tackle even the most complex business processes with confidence. Manish Rai will share 5 proven best practices to help you reach your automation goals.

  • The right governance makes all the difference
  • Incorporating RPA into workflows WITH people is critical
  • There’s more to automation than RPA!
  • More (you didn’t think I’d give everything away here, did you?)


Manish Rai

Head of Product Marketing
Appian Corporation


Dago Huerta

Managing Director
Doble O Consulting

11:00 am - 11:45 am How To Transform Into A Digital-First Business Services Organisation By Leveraging Intelligent Automation At Scale?

Vijay Navaluri - Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder,

Global corporate enterprise job disciplines and functions are steadily moving beyond traditional roles. Modern organizations need to develop and support talent, ensure productivity, and provide the framework and tools to create improved value add for the business. Sounds daunting? It’s not. Intelligent Automation is your answer to a frictionless enterprise. In this session, we learn “the what”, “the why” and “the how” of intelligent automation as we break down the jargons for you.


  • The What – What does it mean to adopt Intelligent Automation 
  • The Why – Why should organizations adopt next generation Intelligent Automation
  • The How – How to scale intelligent automation in your organization


The hype around truly Intelligent Automation is warranted. Join us to know why.


Vijay Navaluri

Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm The Future of Intelligent Automation

Mark Wallin - Vice President, Commercial Product Management, Kofax

In an era in which artificial intelligence and automation is becoming ubiquitous, it is time to join the digital revolution. Many enterprises are feeling more challenged by manual data intake, a plethora of disconnected systems, and management of ad hoc workflows, which limits their ability to move strategic business indicatives forward.

Now is the time for business professionals and technologists to engage with each other in the shared goal of transforming workflows into highly efficient business models.

Join Kofax as we share insights into the future of intelligent automation technologies, and how industry leading clients have achieved breakthrough performance gains and cost reductions with Kofax’s Intelligent Automation Platform.

This session will cover:

  • Market insights into the changing automation landscape
  • Opportunities for business transformation
  • Strategy for organizations of all level of automation maturity 


Mark Wallin

Vice President, Commercial Product Management

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm How Do You Broadcast Intelligent Automation Success Throughout The Organization?

Anshuman Das - Director, Global Media Conglomerate

Focusing the management, collection and application of insights into outcomes that resonate across the enterprise is mandatory. Scaling intelligent automation can only be realized once you gain an ability to not only showcase success to your team and immediate management, but across business units and divisions.


  • For what outcome are you measuring?
  • Is your entire organization aware of the successes you’ve had- no matter how impactful?
  • Are you still outbound with how IA can help the broader enterprise?
  • Are you drinking through a fire hose of IA requests throughout the enterprise?

Anshuman Das

Global Media Conglomerate