Automated Process Discovery State of the Industry Survey

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Time and time again, research has confirmed that two of the top reasons RPA initiatives fall short of expectations are systems complexity and poor process selection. Especially when one is just starting out with RPA, selecting the right process to automate first is critical to success. Identifying which processes are rules-based, and simple enough for RPA to work while also high value enough to deliver maximum ROI can be incredibly difficult. 

Automated business process discovery (ABPD) is a powerful tool for not only identifying which processes are best suited for automation, but also visualizing and re-engineering existing processes to increase performance, agility and transparency across the enterprise. By tracking human behavior and, using AI, transforming that data into powerful process intelligence, automated discovery solutions are ushering a new era of advanced process analytics and design. 

In order to establish a baseline for the industry we at ADA and IAN are surveying the industry to find out:

  • How many organizations are currently leveraging automated discovery
  • How do these solutions increase the success of RPA implementations
  • What are the most trusted ABPD tools  & solutions
  • What are the top benefits and pitfalls of automated discovery

With that in mind we ask you to take 2 minutes to complete the following survey. 



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