AI & Intelligent Automation Network State of The Market [REPORT]

Your artificial intelligence industry report for Q4 2018

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Seth Adler

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It has become ever more clear that corporate enterprise practitioners must scale intelligent automation. You must also reestablish whether or not you’re on the right path as you plot your course on your intelligent automation journey. But you can’t fall behind so you’ve got to start working with cognitive solutions now.

Next generation solutions thirst for your unstructured data — but, by definition — you’re having a tough time identifying that data. And even if you could — those cognitive solutions must learn from your current infrastructure, which needs systems integration. And wasn’t this supposed to be something you could do without IT?!

The AI & Intelligent Automation Network feels your pain. And so, we’ve asked friends and community members to not only lay out what they’re doing but to provide some feedback on what you can do right now to transform your enterprise before it’s too late.

  • Nadia deVilla (Manulife) shares thoughts on re-engineering the enterprise through metrics
  • Tony Saldanha (Procter & Gamble) discusses realizing 5 step-changes to digital transformation
  • Cindy Gallagher (Liberty Source) urges you to really deal with your carbon-based workforce
  • Rohit Amberker (Microsoft) advises that exponential impact has arrived, so we must now act accordingly
  • Marcin Nowakowski (BNP Paribas) believes that automation scaling up will come through agile transformation
  • Manish Rai (Automation Anywhere) unpacks your dark data to democratize your digital transformation
  • Lee Coulter (Ascension) wonders if we’ve got the talent to do this while laying out how we can do this
  • Jerry Wagner (Capital One) has discovered a metric methodology, which informs the enterprise
  • Bob Koepershoek (NBCUniversal Media, LLC) shares ideas on building your team to tackle dark data now
  • Rajeshwari Ganesan (Infosys) provides insight into the design of the human brain
  • And futurologist Aric Dromi does his best to think differently about the larger issues at hand

You’ll notice that we don’t have a ton of statistics in this report. That’s by design. These pages feature your colleagues speaking your language and providing actionable takeaways. Besides, we’ll be providing new market statistics in our next report: AI 2020 — our annual update out in January 2019.

They say the Future is Now — that’s a big concept — but it may mean carpe diem. For corporate enterprise practitioners it just means very hard work that needs to be done in a new and different way. Sure, you can learn from the past — but one of the keys in these pages is to unlearn from the past as well. Here’s to your mind,

Seth Adler

AI & Intelligent Automation Network 

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