Computer Vision: Moving the needle from sight to insight

Computer Vision as global corporate enterprise competitive advantage

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Seth Adler

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Take a deep dive into how data is stored in unstructured documents in enterprises and how Computer Vision can be used to generate insights of which that the organization was never aware.

Tackle greater complexity with confidence

The evolution of AI can simplify and make existing enterprise operation models effi­cient. But its real value lies in allowing them to tackle greater complexity with confidence. Computer Vision, which deals with automating tasks usually performed by the human visual system, is one of the most exciting areas in this regard.

Indentifying new insights

Today, the intersection of several technological advances ranging from the rise in computing power even on the edge devices, to advancements in Machine Learning algorithms, are making Computer Vision a reality beyond hypothetical use cases, its capacity even exceeding human visual computing power. This whitepaper seeks to understand how computer vision algorithms can help us mimic human capabilities in using visual cues to find insights in visually rich complex documents.

Download the whitepaper to realize:

  • How to generate insights from unstructured information stored in your enterprise
  • How to extract insights from visually rich complex documents
  • How to have information at your tips and make the organization more agile and better responsive to stakeholders


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