Cultivating a vision for Intelligent Automation Success: What are your Lessons Learned?

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We don’t have to tell you, dear reader, but intelligent automation adoption is on the rise. In fact, according to KPMG, more than 30% of enterprises are already investing over $50 million per year in IA technologies. 

Sure, Intelligent Automation has the potential to deliver transformational outcomes ranging from reducing operations costs by upwards of 35-50% to ushering in the next way of powerful, predictive insights. However, it’s also not without its risks. An alarming number of RPA and IA projects fail, resulting in substantial financial losses and devastating blows to morale. 

In our effort to help organizations across the IA maturity spectrum share best practice and build collective intelligence, we’ve created a new survey designed to uncover how organizations are going about establishing vision for IA success. More specifically, we want to:

  • Connect the dots between early IA planning and operationalization
  • Shed light on the key challenges hindering organizations from wide-spread adoption of IA
  • What key considerations go into creating a vision for IA success


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