Artificial Intelligence, The Centerpiece For Digital Transformation

Combining talent with tech and synching solutions ensures a next generation enterprise

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Seth Adler

An AI LIVE Global On-Demand Session

Julien Simon, Global Technical Evangelist, AI & Machine Learning, AWS, Amazon joins us and dives in on artificial intelligence driving digital transformation at your enterprise.

Top key takeaways include:

  1. AI is really a game changer for a lot of organizations. It impacts a lot of areas in organizations like improving customer experience, business operations, innovation, or trying to come up with new disruptive applications and services that will give you a competitive advantage.
  2. When it comes to applying AI and machine learning to transform your company, it's about technology, and it's also about culture.
  3. You can combine text-to-speech, speech-to-text, real-time translation, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and a chatbot to build very, very smart workflows.
  4. Combining services to build authentication and security, or biometric features into your enterprise using image analysis and natural language processing makes your enterprise safer.
  5. A lot of enterprise data is time-based, forecasting inventory, forecasting financial metrics, etc. Artificial intelligence in forecasting allows you to predict your future supply chain, by understanding the future data that you need based on your historical data.
  6. Machine learning in itself is just algorithms. What you want to solve is a business problem, and if machine learning's going to help you do that, then you need to have product people, UI people, software people, ops people, everybody collaborating together to find the best solution to that business problem.

How to access the sessions?

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