Podcast: “We’re always going to need people—just at higher levels”

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Seth Adler

Proof cases are necessary for the uptake of enterprise automation says BNY Mellon’s Jon Theurekauf

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When it came to building an intelligent automation ecosystem, BNY Mellon searched for a partner that would suit the size and scope of their global enterprise operations, says MD and head of performance, Jon Theurekauf.

Once the decision to automate was made it was about recognizing the need for continuous improvement, Theurekauf recalls. “We weren’t there yet—that’s why they call it continuous improvement,” he says.

In this episode of the AI Network Podcast, Theurekauf joins host Seth Adler to explain how standardized processes fit within the overall automation process. “I don’t believe you need standardized processes,” he says. “I do believe you need to optimize processes before you automate them. But standardization to me can mean many different things.”

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At the end of the day, BNY Mellon’s decision to build a virtual, cloud-based workforce was driven by the desire to improve customer and client experiences, says Theurekauf. This means reducing unnecessary waste time for clients, getting the job done to the highest possible standard, and creating an audit trail to ensure all projects are underpinned by process excellence.

With more than 250 bots—aptly named Alex after BNY founder Alexander Hamilton—in live proofing and production environments, it’s now about focusing on how to maximize the skills of those workers whose tasks are able to be automated. “Some of those skills we’re going to automate—others we won’t be able to,” he says.

“We’re always going to need people, but we’re going to need them at higher levels.”

Tune in as Theurekauf and Adler discuss the need for enterprise automation proof cases, why the regulatory framework has to change before there will be any improvement, and the future potential of enterprise automation for improved client experience.

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