Doug DeBono

Director Sales Kryon

Doug brings over 25 years of enterprise software & IT experience with an extensive background in business process automation, enterprise applications and enabling technologies.    Prior to joining Kryon, Doug was Regional Sales Director at Pivotal Software, where he was responsible for Global 2000 accounts in the Northeast. He has helped several organizations achieve digital transformation initiatives through thought-leadership and advisory services.  Doug has worked in various enterprise sales and business development capacities for Oracle, IBM, Crossworlds Software and several start-ups across the Global Market.   He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Bentley University and works out of Kryon’s US Headquarters located in New York City.

Main Conference Day Three - August 12th

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

2:15 PM Identifying The Right RPA Candidates

Identifying the right candidates for automation can often be a hit or a miss. One of the key challenges can be a lack of focus (or the wrong one) for the purpose of why you’re automating in the first place. Join this session to understand how to identify the most value-driven automation opportunities, whether it be for RPA, AI and/or ML, and boil down the decision to fiscal opportunity.