Intelligent Automation Week Emerging Tech Use Cases

Intelligent Automation Week Chicago is dedicated to providing our network with answers to the most pressing questions that they have to ensure enterprise success. While we will deep dive more into these use cases at the event this August, we wanted to share with you some examples of how our IA network is using emerging technologies at their organizations.

Natural Language Processing

How to Revolutionize the Customer Experience by Combining Natural Language Processing with IPA

Ankur Kothari, the Vice President for Cloud Architecture and Digital Marketing Transformation for a Fortune 500 bank will be discussing NLP’s applications, as well as how to effectively implement the technology for multiple ways of learning, and combining Machine Learning with NLP to interpret unstructured data.


How to Embed OCR into a Suite of Intelligently Automated Processes

Dave Palastro has been heading up Sompo International’s automation efforts as the Vice President for Finance Innovation and Transformation. In this session he’ll demonstrate how he’s been deploying OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in order to digitize paper processes, and embed the technology into a broader suite of technology in order to ensure the heavy lifting of RPA is done intelligently.

Machine Learning

How to Combine RPA with Machine Learning and AI to Remove 80% of Paper Driven Processes

Polaris Transport’s Chief Technology Officer, Dave Brajkovich, will be sharing his experience on gaining a competitive edge in carrier industry by investing heavily in machine learning, AI, IoT and RPA in order to enable distributed business ledgers, predictive analytics and a centralized business environment.

Process Discovery

How to Deliver Straight through Processing with Process Discovery, Chatbots and Unattended RPA

The Head of Banking Solutions at FIS, Susheel Nesgari will discuss how he’s using unattended RPA tools in conjunction with chatbots and process discovery in order to deliver straight through processing. This session will address the myths and realities of retrieving and consolidating data, implementing the right triggers for automation and mapping and perfecting workflow processes for lean automation paths.