AI 2020 Update: The Global State of Intelligent Enterprise

AI 2020 Update: The Global State of Intelligent Enterprise

The AI 2020 Update is a refreshed look at our acclaimed AI2020 Report that the AI & Intelligent Automation Network produced last year. The AI & Intelligent Automation Advisory Board reviewed the questions asked in 2018 and delved deeper into the mindset of the corporate enterprise AI practitioner as we made our way into calendar 2019.

As you’ll see in the demographics – our audience is pretty evenly segmented around the globe and per industry. The AI & Intelligent Automation Network however is not evenly distributed in job function. We have an extremely senior-level group. Nearly a quarter (23.3%) of the AIIA Network is C-Level. 69.9% of AIIA is Director-level or above. There are some clear themes of the results:
1. Culture is the biggest challenge and opportunity
2. Predictive Analytics is a clear focus for global corporate enterprise
3. Linking initiatives to ROI is a focus but it’s still difficult to clarify

Global corporate enterprise AI practitioners are clearly still dealing with infrastructure issues related to talent and technology. End-to-end processes remain stubbornly carbon-based. Rule-based automation is truly not yet globally scaled across the majority of organizations. And yet, the AI & Intelligent Automation Network members went from 21%, having deployed Intelligent Enterprise solutions to over 44% in just one year’s time.

The stated goal for deployment is just under 83% by the end of 2020. Considering the fact that they’ve essentially got two years, and those ranks have doubled in one year – doubling again in two years is achievable. Incidentally, that same number was only 67% a year ago.

Global corporate enterprise is in fact slowly but surely transforming into the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow. Having said that, it will be more difficult for the roughly 50% of institutions who would like to be established, globally scaling or refining their scale program in AI by the end of 2020, to actually achieve that status.

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