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AiiA Editor

We’re entering a new era of enterprise resiliency. Though preparedness, protection, response and recovery will always lie at its core- enterprise resiliency encompasses more than an organization’s ability to withstand crisis and change, but its ability to capitalize on it.

However, despite the emergence of enterprise resiliency as a corporate buzzword, many organizations still struggle to lay the foundation necessary to truly achieve this state. Without a sound, holistic digital transformation strategy in place to ensure people, process and technology are fully integrated and agile, organizations will remain vulnerable to the tides of change and disruption.

With this in mind, we at the Intelligent Automation Network (IAN) are excited to launch our latest survey on the intersection of digital transformation and business resilience. This anonymous survey takes just 5 minutes and aims to uncover:

  • The benefits & challenges associated with the pursuit of enterprise resilience
  • Top enablers of digital transformation & business resilience success
  • What enterprises need to do now in order to ensure future, long-term growth & competitive advantage



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