Full agenda for IA Sydney with centrifugal force of governance

Intelligent Automation Sydney 2019 Feb 26-27

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Governance rules the day…or the two days…or the two days plus workshops at IA Sydney. It seems that this agenda doesn’t much care what you’re doing in intelligent automation unless you’re focused on governance. Which does make sense.

Scalability & Governance

The first session infuses scalability with governance showcasing Credit Suisse’s complex organization with varied business lines and processes. It also focuses on the enterprise-operating model while diving into specific discipline based case studies:

Transitioning To An Efficient & Scalable Intelligent Automation Model Through A Robust Governance Framework

Uday Singh - Head Process Automation and Robotics, Credit Suisse (USA) 

Credit Suisse started its process re-engineering and automation journey over a couple of years back, with initial focus on RPA. With increasing maturity and deployment of RPA, the focus is now shifting towards more complex automation, to augment human decision making processes through Machine Learning and AI. In this session Uday shows you how the business is enabling such a transition at scale in a standardized manner

  • Credit Suisse's opportunity identification framework across a complex organization with varied business lines and processes
  • The operating model deployed to sustainably scale automation practices across the business
  • Examples of successful AI/ Automation deployments across KYC, Payments processing, asset servicing

Uday Singh

Head Process Automation and Robotics 
Credit Suisse (USA)


Predictive Analytics

BNP Paribas ANZ brings predicative Analytics to the table in the way of custom built, in-house automation technology. The session notes that the enterprise is able to venture into intelligent automation confidently, through establishing the right framework and training to empower its workforce with the right knowledge, approach and tools:

Predicting Trade Settlement Risks Through Predictive Analytics and RPA to Save Time For Value-Add Tasks and Minimising Trade Risks

Mark Wootton - Head of Custody Products, BNP Paribas ANZ 

BNP Paribas has developed Smart Chaser, a trade matching tool built to automate trade processing services such as predicting trade settlement risk and benchmarking broker performance. This process provides BNP Paribas’ clients the ability to predict the likelihood of a delayed trade matching, speed up and simplify the post trade process and remove the need for manual intervention. Additionally, BNP Paribas has understood that high volume and repetitive tasks are quick wins with automation, however through their trials and journey, they have found that not all ideas raised would make strategic business cases.

  • Building a matrix to identify which process is a legitimate user case Training and managing teams to take ownership of ideas to push improvement
  • Using machine learning and predictive analysis to deliver risk management services
  • Rolling out the Smart Chaser tool on a global scale will have a significant impact of streamlining the middle office operational process
  • Setting the right education and training process to be agile from initial pilot phase to deployment

Mark Wootton

Head of Custody Products 
BNP Paribas ANZ


Step change technology blended with humans

Multiple technologies, complex change management and a blending of the carbon and digital workforce make for an intriguing session. The organization has been through the hastles of buy-in. They have hurdled over the difficulties around the establishing the optimal enterprise governance model and now it’s on to an actual case study where scaled business outcomes are a reality:

Bringing Together RPA and ML Through Strategic Team Structure and Data Mining To Extract, Collect and Fulfill Missing Yellow Pages Customer Information

Pete Crawford - Head of Data, Analytics & Automation, Sensis 

Sensis has made extensive progress in the automation field and is now a couple of years mature in their intelligent automation journey. Having moved past the initial struggles and milestones of transformation buy-in, governance models and necessary business contextualization, they are now able to blend RPA and cognitive intelligence to achieve scaled business outcomes. In this session hear how Sensis:

  • Leverage RPA at scale to assist the delivery of business value Sensis’ 5 recommendations of how to move past simple automation tasks
  • Develop business engagement models to successfully integrate automation solutions

Pete Crawford

Head of Data, Analytics & Automation 


Automation at Scale

Another session of note is certainly the automation at scale session focused on solutions design to deploy your CoE:

Using Solutions Design Analysis To Enable Automation At Scale and Deploy Your COE With Confidence

Tim Johnson - Head of Insurance Delivery Operations, Suncorp 

The first step to understand how to create standard models is to dive deep into the intricacies of each process and assess the complexity of each. With a proper framework and approach in analysing each process, you are able to better decide which solution is applicable to the problem. Tim Johnson provides guidance on how to employ effective analysis in order to start taking first steps towards intelligent automation.

  • Assessing which decisions are necessary to automate
  • Exploring how to aggregate and organize data: pattern matching
  • How to approach solutions design analysis
  • How to work with your data science team
  • What pre-processing of data does for your deployment

Tim Johnson

Head of Insurance Delivery Operations 

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