The AIIA Roundtable

An exclusive “closed door” community of corporate enterprise AI & AI practitioners

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Seth Adler

The AiiA Roundtable is a "closed door" corporate enterprise practitioner community.

We'll bring the AiiA Roundtable together for an exclusive digital event once a quarter where we'll discuss use cases and cases studies in a "closed door" environment.

Solution provider input is extremely valuable. It’s equally valuable for you to have an opportunity to network with likeminded executives.

The only way to join the AiiA Roundtable is by taking the AIIA Survey.

The survey is anonymous and as a thank you, survey results will be released to AiiA Roundtable members every six months.

  • The deadline for First AIIA Roundtable responses is June 30th
  • The First AIIA Roundtable is August 13th

The survey is open-ended and will take you a bit of time to complete…but there are only 9 questions!

The fact that we actually want you to think about the questions is by design as the community we’re building is comprised of and meant to serve you and your corporate enterprise practitioner colleagues.

So brace yourself, this will actually take you 15 whole minutes to think about and complete. If you can’t answer every question right now- that’s ok, answer what you can.

  • Organizational Culture
    • What are the aspects of culture that point to IA/AI success?
  • Change Management
    • What are the time tested change management principles that still work vs. those have proven not to work in this fourth industrial revolution?
  • Data Maturity
    • What is your % of structured vs. % unstructured data and how does that play into your decision-making?
  • Relationship Between Business & IT
    • How is ownership and management of IA/AI structured and what specifically is the relationship between Business & IT?
  • Scope & Scale
    • What is your plan in scaling up to automate end-to-end processes and does that include different ownership and management than you have at present?
  • Automation Benefits
    • What are the measurable results from your IA/AI implementation to date?
  • Added Productivity from Automation
    • What are the metrics you are using to gauge productivity from up-skilled talent?
  • Talent
    • What are the backgrounds of your talent working on IA/AI?
  • Innovation
    • What are the tangible results beyond the above to the organization?

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