Accelerate Innovation and Optimize Business Process Management with Low-Code Automation

Build a broad low-code automation toolkit to handle any end-to-end business process

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What is driving adoption of low code and automation tools?

Over the decade, demand for IT workers has surged. According to a report by CNBC, there were over 920,000 IT jobs open in 2019 and that number is only growing as more companies dive into digital transformations

By automating coding processes, low code automation reduces IT workloads freeing up time and resources. With this in mind, Forrester predicts that 75% of companies will be using low code tools by the end of the year. 


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Low code automation in action

LiUna (The Laborers' International Union of North America) leveraged Appian’s low code tool to build a modern, highly efficient contract management system. Using AI-powered intelligent document processing (IDP), the system is able to validate and process new contractor agreements in a matter of hours instead of days

There are few processes more complex than those surrounding government acquisitions and vendor management. With Appian’s low code Government Acquisition Requirements Management solution, federal agencies such as GSA and HHS are able to automate, streamline and accelerate these processes saving as much as $80 million through increased efficiencies alone. 

Matching patients with suitable healthcare providers can be incredibly difficult especially in countries with nationalized health care such as the U.K. However, in just a matter of weeks, pshealth was able to build a world-class patient matching system using Appian’s platform. Using RPA and AI the tool can analyze patient data and identify who/where they should be referred to. This new system reduced the time it took to produce a referral by 86% and has saved over 10,000 hours annually. 


Want to learn more?

However, don’t take our word for it. We recently invited Appian to present at the Low Code Automation live event where Manish Rai, Head of Product Marketing, Appian Corporation explains how to:

  • Break down data silos without complex data migration
  • Expand the number of people at your company who can build applications
  • Build powerful workflow engines that orchestrate AI, RPA and IDP
  • Eliminate the burden of RPA license management 
  • Align business objectives with low code projects
  • Develop low code implementation roadmaps and timelines
  • And so much more



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